Teddy Bear Jacket

    FASHION - I just LOVE this jacket made out of teddy bears. Its by artist/designer Sebastian Errazuriz (who also brought us the zipper dress).

    I want one!

BootyPop your Buttocks

    FASHION - Remember the 1980s when a tiny butt was considered sexy?

    Well now you can have a tiny ass... but look like you have a bit more bounce in your bottom. Basically they give you a sexy ass like Beyonce, or at least the illusion of having one.

    Susan Bloomstone and Lisa Reisler are the Canadian inventors of “Booty Pop”, padded panties that give you a bubble butt without the need for surgery. The panties cost $19.99 USD.

    Bloomstone and Reisler met at McGill University. Bloomstone is a producer for CBC’s The Journal and Reisler used to be a fashion merchandiser. Together they've managed to make their BootyPop panties go viral with their BootyPop infomercial, and have since appeared on television shows The View, The Today Show, Regis & Kelly and The Tonight Show.

    The pair noticed a societal shift towards shapely buttocks. Breast implants were no longer a big deal because what women want now is butt implants... but they don't want to spend a fortune and they're worried about permanent side effects. Enter BootyPop and the solution is provided.

    Its a bit like the water bras skinny young women were wearing circa 2001 to make their breasts look bigger.

    Or like George W. Bush's business suits with the padded shoulders. Same idea.

    The pros: There's no risk, its not permanent and BootyPop panties cost about the same you'd pay for regular panties. BootyPop panties are cotton/Spandex panties fitted with two egg-shape foam pads and are no more complicated than a pair of boots with a zipper up the side (and if you can't figure those out, you're in trouble). That makes them ideal for date night or when you're trying to impress someone with the coveted bootylicious look.

    BootyPop panties are basically for young women who are, shockingly, too skinny and have realized their flat ass isn't sexy. They want a more voluptuous and curvy look.

    Booty Pop's playful warning: “The makers of Booty Pop are not responsible for all the extra attention you will receive as a result of wearing our product.”

    BootyPop is not the only company trying to glorify a baudacious booty. Jean manufacturers have begun marketing butt enhancing designs and shoe companies Reebok and Sketchers are promoting shoes that encourage butt muscle development.

    “People are always finding ways to look better. You take off your padded bra, your contact lenses, your hair extensions. When it all comes off, you better have a good personality,” says BootyPop co-designer Bloomstone.

Knitted Sleeves

    FASHION - I saw the knitted sleeves below on a website and my immediate response was I WANT THEM!

    I don't care if they make it look like I have Popeye arms. I also don't even know what they're called. I just know I must have them!

Boycotting Peter Nygard

    FASHION - Its not often I discuss boycotts, but in this case I am making an exception.

    Peter Nygard is a 67-year-old Canadian fashion designer known for marketing to women in the 25 - 35 range, supporting breast cancer research and his playboy lifestyle.

    But what you might not know is he routinely treats his workers like slaves, abuses labour laws, skips out on paying for work permits, uses sweatshop labour in his factories... and his sex life involves 16 year old girls. Sometimes younger.

    According to former staff Peter Nygard routinely has wild sex parties, has a staff member who is charge of luring young women with promises of being on the lookout for supermodels but in reality he's just looking for a roster of young girls to have sex with. Some of them allege he's raped or sexually abused them.

    In one case Peter Nygard admitted the one girl had been living on his wallled estate in the Bahamas and that she had been there since she was a teenager. She had basically been held captive there because employees and guests aren't allowed to leave the estate without Nygard's personal permission.

    Staff members allege Peter Nygard frequently has temper tantrums and shouting matches, verbally and physically abusing employees for HOURS at a time. Many employees have left due to a combination of physical, sexual and verbal abuse.

    And then there's his factories overseas in China, India and Indonesia... where women and children work in sweatshop conditions producing clothes that are later sold in Peter Nygard's stores in North America and Europe.

    So do you want to buy clothes from a man who is best described as a "tempersome rapist" and a "belligerent control freak"?

    I think I'll pass. I'd sooner spit on him if I ever met such a horrible old man in person.

    Its my firm opinion that most men who get involved in the women's fashion industry are just doing it so they can live like playboys and have sex with young women. Peter Nygard confirms that belief. He's an absolute sexist pig.

Borat killed the Thong

    FASHION - Its confirmed, the thong is dead as a fashion item.

    Oh sure, some people (who don't have a clue) will continue to wear the thong, especially if they're hicks or just mucking around with their boyfriend... but as a serious fashion item (ie. supermodels wear it on fashion catwalks) the thong is dead.

    Some say Monica Lewinsky kick-started her affair with Bill Clinton by showing him hers.

    Some say the thong is uncomfortable, impractical and leaves nothing to the imagination.

    All we know is its dead, maybe not as dead as powdered wigs, but certainly dead as far as the lingerie industry is concerned.

    In the glory days of the thong it never once outsold women's panties, briefs or even jockeys. What it had instead was media attention.

    During the 1990s the thong was on the catwalks, it was promoted by Cosmopolitan, it broke rules for what was considered sexy... and the next thing you know people were wearing them in public, accompanied by low-rise jeans and Sisqo wrote "The Thong Song"...

    But beyond media fluff, celebrities and supermodels, teenagers and young women wearing them... it never truly became mainstream.

    And then the movie Borat came along... in which he wore an electric green, V-shaped thong swimsuit wedged deep between his hairy buttcheeks.

    Voila! C'est incroyablement horrible!

    In fashion terms the thong was now passé. It was done and over with. Next please!

    So instead what I am predicting is lacy briefs... but worn in such a way that people can see the top of them. Just a peak.

    In my opinion silk and lace will never go out of fashion. They're just too comfortable and enjoyable to wear. The trick is to make a fashion statement with them by letting people actually see them a little. That way they know what you're wearing and say "Hey, thats damn sexy. I want some too!"

    If anyone asks you can just say they're really comfortable, but in reality you will know they're also totally sexy otherwise they wouldn't have asked about them anyway.

    The trend now is to give people a glimpse of your underwear... just an inch of that highly decorative lacy bra, an inch or two of your snug lacy panties... its playful and suggestive (and probably not good to be wearing at work), but it gives a bold fashion statement about what you think is sexy.