Borat killed the Thong

    FASHION - Its confirmed, the thong is dead as a fashion item.

    Oh sure, some people (who don't have a clue) will continue to wear the thong, especially if they're hicks or just mucking around with their boyfriend... but as a serious fashion item (ie. supermodels wear it on fashion catwalks) the thong is dead.

    Some say Monica Lewinsky kick-started her affair with Bill Clinton by showing him hers.

    Some say the thong is uncomfortable, impractical and leaves nothing to the imagination.

    All we know is its dead, maybe not as dead as powdered wigs, but certainly dead as far as the lingerie industry is concerned.

    In the glory days of the thong it never once outsold women's panties, briefs or even jockeys. What it had instead was media attention.

    During the 1990s the thong was on the catwalks, it was promoted by Cosmopolitan, it broke rules for what was considered sexy... and the next thing you know people were wearing them in public, accompanied by low-rise jeans and Sisqo wrote "The Thong Song"...

    But beyond media fluff, celebrities and supermodels, teenagers and young women wearing them... it never truly became mainstream.

    And then the movie Borat came along... in which he wore an electric green, V-shaped thong swimsuit wedged deep between his hairy buttcheeks.

    Voila! C'est incroyablement horrible!

    In fashion terms the thong was now passé. It was done and over with. Next please!

    So instead what I am predicting is lacy briefs... but worn in such a way that people can see the top of them. Just a peak.

    In my opinion silk and lace will never go out of fashion. They're just too comfortable and enjoyable to wear. The trick is to make a fashion statement with them by letting people actually see them a little. That way they know what you're wearing and say "Hey, thats damn sexy. I want some too!"

    If anyone asks you can just say they're really comfortable, but in reality you will know they're also totally sexy otherwise they wouldn't have asked about them anyway.

    The trend now is to give people a glimpse of your underwear... just an inch of that highly decorative lacy bra, an inch or two of your snug lacy panties... its playful and suggestive (and probably not good to be wearing at work), but it gives a bold fashion statement about what you think is sexy.