Obama Wins US Presidency

    Congratulations to Barack Obama for winning the US Presidency!

    He was always well-dressed, as opposed to McCain who frequently sported some fashion don'ts and Sarah Palin who just plain dressed like trailer trash.

    Voter turnout has been very low in recent years, but this year has seen a huge boost to voter turnout. Left is a dress made by a Japanese designer out of voter cards.

    US Voter Turnout by Year

    1980: 52.56%
    1984: 53.11%
    1988: 50.15%
    1992: 55.23%
    1996: 49.08%
    2000: 51.30%
    2004: 55.27%

    I think the dress is pretty kewl and it stresses the importance that EVERYONE should vote. I know people think we fashionistas are a bunch of dumb blondes/etc, but its not about intelligence. Its about loving your country and wanting to make a difference. Sometimes only 1 vote can make a difference.