Greek Wedding Customs

    Greece is a country town, with many long and fascinating traditions. At no time is this more true than in the Greek wedding. Whether you are looking forward to his Greek heritage to your wedding or simply looking for inspiration for a meaningful and beautiful wedding traditions, you find that there are many wonderful customs integrated into the Greek wedding. 

    Many wedding customs that prevail in Greece are used in marriage rites of the Orthodox Church, although the origin of some of them date back to antiquity. Whether you're planning to marry in Greece or the U.S., these habits have a very nice symbolism, and would be very easy to work on his own wedding. If most of the wedding guests will be familiar with them, might be a good idea to include a brief explanation of Greek customs in your wedding programs.
    There is a traditional Greek wedding, especially it would be nice that every wedding ceremony, and Stefan wreaths or wedding. This is an ancient Greek custom, and not Greek wedding would be complete without it. The bride and groom wore a pair of crowns, which is connected with loops. Crown symbolizes the nobility of marriage and the fact that the couple will forever be united in their new family. In the Orthodox service, the priest to pray for the law of Stefan and grooms want all the blessings of God in their new life together and hope for the family to decide wisely. 

    crowns of marriage are very important for a young Greek, and stored after the wedding, and they often display in their new home. Some people are still buried in their Stefano, which are important. The film that unites two crowns intact throughout life, as a permanent union between the bride and groom. Traditionally, crowns were made of materials of lemon leaves, vines of gold and precious stones. Since they are considered permanent monument to the bride and often have their own wedding jewelry designed to match the look of their crowns, or vice versa. Wedding Jewelry and Stefan can be either hand of the same fine materials such as pearls, silver and glass Swarovksi.
    There are many other customs beautiful Greek wedding. One of them concerns the role of godfather, koumbaros call. This position of honor is often occupied by the groom's godfather, while another close relative or friend may have a male role. Koumbaros has very specific responsibilities in the wedding day, including the leadership of the bride and groom to the church, and helps them with their Stefano. 

    Other Greek wedding customs in connection with customers. Usually the wedding guests to wear an amulet of luck in the shape of the eye to help scare off evil spirits. You could have a basket of them outside the entrance to the church for your guests to your post. Another custom wedding wanted to Greece is breaking records at the reception for good luck, while shouts of joy and laughter.
    Greek Wedding Traditions are wonderful to include in the wedding today. Certainly not to be Greek to appreciate its beauty. If you are looking for a way to add additional meaning to the wedding, before including the customs of Greece are a great way to do it.

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