History Of Fashion Design

    The realm of fashion design, for its glamorous and pure grace, has always been exciting and fascinating. When we talk of fashion design, which implies an art form nuances of creating clothes and accessories.
    The history of fashion design dates from the early 19th century will be marked, as the drawings were the product of clothing worn in the royal courts. Finally, Charles Frederick Worth, the designer first, his first fashion house founded in Paris. His drawings have great influence on people, and marked them with drawings of "House of Heritage." As a result, a designer has been synonymous with a particular brand. 

    Another important designers who made a substantial contribution to the development of fashion made Paul Poi excreted. It blends the classic style, which consists of dress with the aesthetics of fashion in Paris. Other designers this season were important Patou, Vionnet, Fortuny, Lanvin and Chanel.
    During the 20th century Paris was the world's fashion hub, open to countries like the U.S. and Britain imitating the French models. The post-World War saw the emergence of other countries than the fashion centers of Paris and will no longer be the only factor. The rising British fashion industry has a new series of street fashion and focusing on young consumers.

    Later, American designers like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren came to the front of his sports clothes and made a style statement. Today, fashion designs are divided into two main categories. The Haute Couture is designed for individual customers. The other category is the collection prêt-à-porter. While the former is related to specific topics and more to create a style statement, this meant for the masses.
    Mid-90s saw the emergence of a new generation of designers, traditional approaches redefine. They looked at as a new perspective, even the new concepts. 

    So the fashion world is witnessing a continuous development over the years and won the by-product of sincere efforts by many leading designers.

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