The Meaning Of The Different Wedding Colors

    Wedding colors convey emotion, mood and tone. We tend to our favorite wedding color combination without knowing the true meaning of used wedding colors. Each color has a good marriage and a bad image. When choosing wedding colors, it is important that a good wedding picture for color enhancement.

    Cool colors provide a calming effect, while warm colors create excitement. Neutral colors, the association or legal entity. Cool colors for the wedding are blue, green, turquoise, silver a. Warm colors are red, pink, yellow, gold and orange. Neutral colors are brown, beige, ivory, gray, black and white.

    Black as a formal, modern, sexy and sophisticated. It is the color that is always in fashion. It never goes out of fashion. Black is usually combined with white. Black is the color most of the wedding formalities. With black, you feel elegant, strong and tough. Black works well with lighter colors such as yellow, white, blue, red, blue and green. Black stands out in pictures. On the other hand, black is also a symbol of evil, darkness and death.

    Blue calls for calm, peace, truthfulness, generosity and loyalty. In every culture has at least blue poor images. Blue is often used to symbolize the bands winner. Blue is recommended and versatile. Everyone can not go wrong. We often see the blue flowers and wedding dresses. Only a bad image of the blue depression, loneliness and sadness. 

    Brown feel comfortable, warm and cozy. It is the color of wood, earth and stone. Guests are required to stay longer. Brown also stimulates the appetite. Just a bad picture is that sometimes it's boring. However, her brown character of the place.

    Green represents wealth, money, nature, environment, fertility, growth, rebirth, victory, healing, abundant and renewable resources. Green is the color green garden weddings and weddings. Green tells the story of new life and beginning after the wedding. We often use a green light to the awareness of environmentally friendly or environmentally friendly his show. Poor image of green greed, jealousy and envy.

    Orange represents energy, sun, warmth and comfort. It is often used in fall wedding ideas. Guests will feel at home. Think of autumn leaves, pumpkin, sun, sunset, such as wedding themes.

    Pink symbolizes the femininity, admiration, love, beautiful, spring, kindness, harmony, loyalty, and sensuality. It is innocent, sweet and soft colors. Pink is usually in wedding dresses, wedding invitations, wedding flowers and use. Just a bad picture of breast cancer screening, in which most people are not such a bad image for examination.

    Purple shows nobility, royalty, luxury, authority, creativity, inspiration and spirituality. There is a mysterious and fascinating colors. Darker shades of purple represent sensuality, while the lighter shades of purple represent romance and delicate. Poor image of purple is a symbol of grieving widows in Thailand.

    Red creates excitement as red raises blood pressure. Red symbolizes love, passion, sex and power. So we want to give red roses, love, strong affection for the show. Red means happiness in China, while red means purity in India. Life, vitality, celebrations and gifts attached to red. Negative images of the red blood, war, fire and fury. 

    White is one of neutral colors, such as wedding dresses, flowers and clothes. White is also associated with purity, innocence, purity and virtue. Think snow, winter, and peace, such as wedding themes. Today, it symbolizes crisp, clean and luxurious. On the other hand, white is the symbol of death for the Eastern countries and the Spirit of the West. Cabinets are usually in white, while the ghosts are usually seen floating in a white sheet.

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