Cycle of Fashion Trend

    It's an experience worse fashionista, even worse than looking oversize friend, more degrading to wear the same dress elsewhere - that is the fear of a symbol on the model look past fashion trend.

    Sometimes, fashion trends seen as fads, are disreputably erratic. Players of the fashion industry are always looking to get some "NEW" and "HOT".

    What is Fashion Trend?

    The trend is leading, where some new development, especially lopsided, hang line and growth. Therefore, the fashion trend is the recent change in the fashion industry.

    What is all this Fashion Trend?

    Your wardrobe will provide the answer. If you do not want to look at it, well.well. seems to correspond to his tune with the latest fashion trends. What is the relationship with fashion? People adhere strictly to the rules - well, maybe not "you". It may be one of those who follow their own paths and dress as they please. When it comes to the fashion industry is a world in constant change. Although some trends that are seen as ridiculous and outdated, Comeback many with innovative ideas.

    Pace and raised in the latest fashion trends

    Now the new millennium, but most things fashionable, like the leg bite, jelly bracelets, and finally, jeans, seems to be a trend back again. Exit the latest fashion trends just do not have anything new at all. All returned to the surface in the fashion trend. Basically you can find jeans ripped in all the stores of retail clothing.

    Who decides what is 'hot' and 'no' on fashion trends

    There is no special group that says it is hot fashion trend or not. Really styles and consumers who buy merchandise out of fashion verdict and play more opinions out there and see what's grip.

    Basically, "we" for consumers to determine what items are hot, making our minds what to buy and carry.

    The Fashion Trend Cycle

    The first part of the cycle where the trend is strongly driven immediately after seeing the great fashionable hat, dress or shoes on the track, red carpet video or music. Then comes the emulation phase, where everyone wants a piece of the trend. Big Shots only, celebrities and fashion industry players have access to the latest fashions straight off the track, there are no stores.

    During the second phase, this newbie shown in newspapers, fashion magazines, television and internet. Finally, the trend will be soaked with the market, often at a slightly lower cost.

    In the second phase, new merchandise is available in more expensive designer collections. It is only the third stage, where the product is available for the mass market, affordable for most buyers.

    The greater part of the whole mass will buy it somewhere between the second and third phases.

    Before two or three decades, it would take some sticks to the track to make the pasta market, but manufacturers now have the fashion cycle in September at high speed. Now a strong trend, often causes the appearance of low price or discount store retailer in as little as a few days or months.

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