Every Woman Should Know About Fashion

    If you know the average woman, all the intricacies of fashion is not something you have time to study and research. With our busy lives, we buy what we think is affordable and looks beautiful. However, there are some simple rules to follow to keep "fashionable", so to speak. These rules are as follows:
    1. Try not to update your entire wardrobe at once! It is always best to try to "see" or "new thing" before buying the store. You may find that they look is perfect for you and you can then several pieces if you can add. Sometimes you will find the look that is all wrong for you, then you do not break down certain parts of your bank account. 

    2. You should never buy something that gives you the feel of using "too old"! If you want to buy it, you probably will not use, because you do not feel comfortable in it.
    3. They must be scared to dress outside the normal age range! If you are 55, it does not automatically mini skirts out of your wardrobe. Just because you're 22, does not mean you have to wear mini-skirts, too. Go with the fashion and style, you look good and feel good wearing.
    4. black clothes are almost always flattering, expensive and demanding! After some black clothes "clip" is always a good idea of ​​fashion. 

    5. If you do not have money, do not go shopping! Buy cheap clothes, just because you went shopping is usually a bad investment. Not what you really want and you probably will not have much to fashion clothing.
    6. We are not fads fashion store based! If you've heard about a particular fashion, likely to be more! Fad long life has never met, fashion trends in general.
    7. Step outside your "box shape for a while! If you are generally conservative, try a mini-skirt or a low-cut jeans for a change. Not comfortable with it ... just a fringe or sequins to your bag collection. Everyone should be independent of her fashion sense, have fun with fashion that they use occasionally. Even if you keep going back to its old look, you'll probably be a new concept for them.
    8. Do not let fashion compromise your professional image! See-through, cleavage will do wonders never vulgar fashion for her career. These modes are simply inadequate to the world 9-5.

    9. Fashion is just a small part of the whole "you"! If you put a lot of time and effort into other aspects of your life, what you wear is not what you all their listings. Do not spend all your time worrying about your fashion wardrobe.
    10. If you look at fashion, it's all about you! Love is a look ... look great on ... may be the clothes ... then afford to buy! Fashion is so easy!

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