Qualities of Diamond Wedding Ring

    If you're here to buy a wedding ring to your liking, to have a unique, so you better have some objective knowledge in your mind about some details of a wedding ring. Judge, or choose a wedding ring is largely a subjective matter, but before buying one, you should be aware of the objective criteria such as cost factor, durability, color stone, cutting, etc. You want your personal jewelry to want a good and certainly not to compromise on this factor. You prefer to know about all these factors, even before buying the wedding ring.

    Weight: Originally, we discuss the weight of a wedding ring. For a diamond carat weight in gold and measured, it is measured in carats. It is not a measure of size or weight, but the purity. An 14ct gold ring contains 14/24 or about 58% pure gold. This fact is often misunderstood as people who get confused by this stuff. Platinum for immediate on a scale of 1000 weighed for 1000 if it is, a platinum wedding 950PT true then it should be clear that these special platinum ring is 95% pure.

    A diamond is the unit of carats (ct), which measured from zero to nearly scale.1 carat = 200 mg range. Now anything less than 1:8 or less acquainted with some experts as a 1/4th carat, as the chip. One reason for this is a small diamond polishing and faceting is very difficult, and the effect it has diamonds to get done. A diamond stone is faceted and properly characterized as a chip. This is the result of an accident or a crystal structure like this that make cutting and polishing impossible. Therefore, these small stones are called chips. The largest diamond weighed about 3,106 carats Cullnan, and it is why it is the largest gem-quality diamond ever discovered. It was cut into the egg-shaped stone that sits in the scepter of England, although 525 carats.

    Clarity: Another factor, equally important in determining the price of diamond is its clarity. Professionals get an idea of ​​the price of bricks with his glory. FL and IF are the types of diamonds, rare stones and is considered accurate. These stones are very expensive. This is the highest quality of diamond quality at this time. Then came VVS1 and VVS2. These types of rings are slightly worn. Included is used to indicate that these types of diamonds are a bit stuffy or unclear. The reason may be the addition of non-diamond materials. But they are actually of high quality as an error of less than 10-fold magnification can not be seen with the naked eye. VS1 and VS2 are the types of diamond stones, in which the taking of non-diamond material in the open eyes can be seen. SI1 and SI2, I1 and I2, I3 are some other varieties of diamond, where errors are visible.

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