Epic History and Early Years of BMW Cars

    Famous car brand BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) is a popular German automotive company. Generally people know them for the production of classic cars. But this company is a pioneer in the manufacture of classic bikes made especially for athletes. The company began making vehicles in the early days of WWII.

    Today has established itself as a leading brand. BMW began in 1916 when the daughter of Rolls-Royce Motors. During this time the company was only dealing with auto parts and make their famous motorcycles. With motifs of Rolls Royce in his hand, soon the company started their own brand like BMW and BMW Husqvarna engine aircraft. During this time, the company produces motorcycles in one lot only fifty worlds today, this little venture will be a market leader in premium brands.

    BMW New Class was the first line of BMW vehicles offered as a competitor to Rolls Royce. It took more than 50 years for BMW to make this award-winning design, which was launched in 1962 to life. In a short time, this model was the classic symbol and most popular car model. The latest model of BMW New Class was released on the market in 2002 and still the most prominent long with this as their dream car.

    Interestingly enough, this was one of the first cars on the four-cylinder engine as the M10 has known. The independent suspension was introduced for the first time a fire as well. The granddaddy of all sports car, also got this classic two-door treatment as well. The sedan model is also known as the 1600 series began in 1966 and continued until 2002 as well.

    BMW Sports is in a different league than any other sports event today. There are more than twenty features that can only be found with this brand. With all the focus on car enthusiasts on this car from the beginning, BMD also been quite successful in the third generation of BMW's as well. Simply known as the BMW 3 of this car, the three and four doors were treated so well.

    BMW was increased in size to the BMW 5 in 1972. This upscale car came with the Model 2000C and 2000CS models as well. BMW was working with four-cylinder engine, up to this model, after substantial changes in the six-cylinder engine, which happened almost two times more performance. The E9 Series is the one who saw this change for the first time. Introduced in 1969 this was cut off shortly after 1975. The reason for this attitude was that the model was too expensive and it was with 320I model in the same year, replaced as well.

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