Types of Red Wine

    Red wine has always been one of the most popular alcoholic drinks. The color of red wine, achieved thanks to the winemaking process. The grape juice to ferment with the skin black or red grapes. A process known as maceration transmits the bold red color of red wine. There are several varieties of red wine on the market. The most popular are:

    Cabernet Franc - this wine is from grapes grown only in the area of ​​the Loire Valley of France. This wine is used as a blender to produce different varieties of wine.

    Cabernet Sauvignon - perhaps the most popular wine from the Bordeaux region of France. Thick purple color and intense flavor have lured many wine lovers around the world.

    Malbec - produced from grapes grown in areas of Argentina. Has a different level of acidity and are commonly used as a blender along with other wines from France.

    Pinot Noir - the grapes used for this wine are grown in Burgundy, France. The grapes are difficult to cultivate, but bring a fine wine. The grapes are also grown in California, but is most often used to produce different varieties of champagne.

    Zinfandel - from grapes that thrive in warm and humid climate of California. It has a spicy taste and is usually blended with other grapes.

    Sangiovese - a wine that is produced almost exclusively in Italy and production, from grapes grown in Tuscany and Chianti. It has a complex aroma and flavor that make it particularly popular.

    Nebbiolo - produced from grapes of Piedmont, Italy. It's one of those wines taste better when they get older.

    To experience the aroma and flavor of any red wine in a proper manner, it is necessary to try to correct glassware. A glass of red wine has a big bowl with a wide opening. This design allows special person to dip their noses to the glass to smell the aroma compound released from the wine. There are many types of glassware available in the market, but if you're looking for something special and sophisticated, then you can go for black wine glasses. These glasses are black hue, but have a clear stem. This gives a very elegant and unique look that will make an impression.

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