Tissot Veloci-T Wristwatch

    With the foundation in 1853, a skilled watchmaker named Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son enthusiastic family brand Tissot is known for producing watches of excellent quality, elegant design and high functionality, as well as the crazy world of watch connoisseurs.

    Not so long ago edition of this famous brand watches, new add-on for Tissot screen collections, and a new Veloci-T Tissot watch with incredible precision and sophisticated modern design. It has developed a strong stainless steel watches and black PVD-treated steel produced. The design element is to improve the sporty appearance and durability. PVD-coated bezel tachometer scale presented in a striking red. It is confronted with a scratched sapphire glass protecting the stylish options from damage and pollution.

    Design a new Veloci-T Tissot watch is inspired by the exciting world of Formula 1 competition. Two interrelated chronograph counters with the number "8" shaped path around a dynamic look is classy personified black dial accented with two unique stripe pattern. The dial comes in black, silver, white and red. Display data is at 4:30 pm. It is powered by a highly accurate quartz clock factory in Switzerland, the cradle of luxury watchmaking. It is finished with a black rubber strap and is water resistant to 100 meters, which is for everyday activities such as water showers, but no swimming or diving. To the demand of different customers, the sales price of these watches with a range of $ 350 to $ 410, almost cost determined for each person. With a small amount of money you can buy designer watches with high quality and excellent design and functionality. It is not a nice thing to go?

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