Wedding Favors which younshould know

    The history of wedding favors is a few centuries in European countries. The people then believed that weddings were a happy occasion and that the granting of favors wedding the bride and groom a way of sharing that luck to family and friends.

    Wedding favors began as a tradition of high class families in Europe for centuries. French and Italian families would hand "bowls of candy" to the guests as wedding favors. KONDITOREI these delicacies are placed in small fancy boxes made of glass, metal or porcelain. The boxes are also set with precious stones, decorated to create a valuable keepsake for the guests.

    Later, other social classes took on the tradition of giving wedding favors to your guests. Almonds were popular wedding couples day earlier was favored. People believed that the almonds longevity, happiness, representing health, wealth and fertility. Until now, the kernels still common wedding couples are preferred in the form of sweet roasted almonds.

    Modern Day Wedding Favors

    Wedding favors are now an integral part of the preparations for the wedding. Couples have limitless possibilities for wedding favors. Wedding favors can be bought or made to fit the style of the wedding couple. Couples can choose whether to give practical wedding favors or ornaments which relatives and friends.

    Many couples choose to make rope, practical wedding favors that guests can use afterwards. These can be small kitchen gadgets like salt and pepper shakers, coasters or cookie cutters. While other couples choose to make soaps and candles as wedding favors.

    Ideas for wedding favors

    Ideas for wedding favors can be as wild as the imagination can. Couples can be the wildest of favors for your wedding gift for family and friends. Wedding favors in a variety of prices, which helps to find it easier for couples to choose the right gift at the right price.

    Couples can choose wedding favors that symbolize the theme of the wedding. Wedding favors can also be related to the time when the marriage is to be elected. Christmas or winter theme favors, summer or fall theme wedding theme makes it easier for couples to choose the right as donation for the event.

    Couples can also be creative ingenuity, your own wedding favors and crafts. Wedding Songs on CDs are recorded popular wedding favors that couples can share their special day with guests for years to come. In any case, the choice of wedding favors limited only by the imagination of the marriage.

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