Fashion Tips for 2011

    With the advent of the new year comes new trends in fashion, and if we say goodbye to everything that was in 2010 (many hot pants, knee high socks, lace, leather and clothing cut) we now say goodbye to fashion trends and tips for 2011. Below are our top ten tips for the best fashion advice that anyone can be administered in any time of year.

    1st Choose clothes that fit your body
    No matter what trend or fashion forward clothing that you buy, or it will not compliment your body, so you'd better put it back on the store shelf!

    The second jewelry: Less is not always
    (For men) not to accessorize, do not wear more than 3 pieces of jewelry. Silver is becoming popular these days, so you might want to invest.
    (For women) Less is not always especially in the summer, you can accessorize your summer outfits with big and bold accessories. Citrus-colored wooden beads and bracelets are a good visibility in the summer.

    3rd Winter: Accessorize!
    During cold weather a little pop of color to add to the weather, you can accessories with sweaters and scarves, to make sure that your outfit fits! Try to mix and match things, if you're wearing tight jeans or a great sweater, a good contrast, will complement your slender legs.

    4th Keep your shoes and belts are brand new:
    Shoes and belts to the attention of other people, so make sure you invest in a good pair of shoes and a nice belt and make sure they regularly clean and shiny - there's nothing worse than a pair of muddy boots, combined with smart dress!

    5th If you look the part, you have lots of flavor.
    There is no use in looking great if you have something the cat dragged in. So if you take the time and invest in what you will wear and what you will look smell, so make sure you throw some good perfumes, eau de cologne or after shave.

    6th Skinny jeans are still in!
    Yes! Skinny jeans are still in! Especially with Katy Perry singing "Put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans", so do not throw your skinny jeans! Nothing is as free as a good pair of high waisted, ankle-revealing skinny jeans.

    The seventh Ballerinas on stage!
    With movies like "The Black Swan" should have a buzz, the ballet-inspired fashion sure to make his own buzz in the fashion industry. Ballet flats for ensembles inspired by Tutu and tights, we will see a lot of ballerinas in years.

    8th Summer Fashion Tips:
    In summer, you have loose clothing made of natural substances and are wearing bright colors, maybe just print kaftan make a wave in years. For a bit of style and functionality, this hard hat with a large UV rays away and will you look stylish.

    9th add color in winter:
    Skip colored jersey is still some color in the pale winter. Be sure to wear bright prints winter just so you do not want to mix with all the snow.

    10th Check online!
    For the latest news and trends in fashion, always check in online, this is the most recent source of fashion information. Also try to look and what celebrities are wearing these days to see. For one thing, believes all, and I'll look at what the future princess Kate Middleton will bear, so try to see what she wears and buy quickly before the shops are empty! is a perfect wedding dresses shop ,you can visit it .

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