French Fashion

    Why is the world's fashion capital Paris in the heart and soul of man? Although in some cases because of the portrayal in the media, New York is now the leading fashion capital of fashion markets, production and infrastructure. But the essence of the history of fashion and industry, the title of the fashion capital of Paris is still responsible for the great contribution of French fashion in the world of fashion industry. Most of the fashion trends are still dictated by the famous French fashion designer. As we focus on French fashion, from time to time, the different designer, who lives on the type of season, in reality, about what the "scene" in fashion trends. Like the fashion of the season this autumn-winter season there are lots of designer clothes brought by French fashion. Where are all hugging each. Even the famous personalities such as celebrities and other prominent people around the world.

    French fashion is really at the top class when it comes to fashion. They not only show a quality of fashion products they wish to present and demonstrate the unique and original designs each product designers. You probably have a high quality and elegant design of high-profile fashion products as we do from top to toe. Paris is the leading broker of fashion since the Renaissance, the dwindling influence of celebrities coincided with the advent of designer stitching in the middle of the 19th Century. Paris haute couture, was stopped in the mode settings for unique women's clothing. These modes have been consultations into account the work of the famous and renowned designers such as Charles Frederick Worth, Coco Chanel, Lucien Lelong, Elsa Schiaparelli, Cristobal Balenciaga, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent fashion house in Paris. They are the designers, the French fashion's most influential people in the world of fashion brought.

    In any fashion design. Every season that will present the fashion trends that are catching the majority of French fashion eye fashionstas around the world, it shows that there still is a French fashion of the great influence in the world of fashion. Although there are many competitive designers in various fashion destinations worldwide, including New York, Rome, Tokyo and other fashionable destinations is still Paris remain as the reigning fashion capital because of the contribution they knew and respect for French designers in the fashion industry . In the world of fashion industry is the dominant fashion styles and design team with French fashion design and fashion topics.

    So it's no wonder that the fashion industry is responsible French fashion. For me, Paris is still the fashion capital of the world. New York and Rome are only fashion capitals, Paris is next. French fashion rule is still on the heart and soul of every fashion fans worldwide. No wonder, since most fashion designer clothing is the identification of French fashion.

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