What is eco fashion?

    Today I felt myself contemplating the meaning of 'eco fashion' of the term. I thought to myself: "If anyone really understands the importance of the above, it should be me, I have devoted the better part of three years for the establishment of a fashion label ecological. "The problem is that there is no sense in me understand the meaning if others fail to conceptualize the concept and how it can fit into your lifestyle. So here we are, and I'll try to detail the importance of" green fashion " .

    Eco fashion could literally be seen as two completely separate entities. Firstly, the idea of ​​ecologically and environmentally sustainable ideas are a bit of a trend, fashion, or as you call fashion, something that can be washed or swept under the rug for years to come. Secondly, it can be seen as fashionable as clothing, accessories, perfumes, aftershave lotions and footwear that was developed with the environment in mind.

    For the 'eco fashion' as clothes and their derivatives, the focus point is the statement that "Eco Mode" is fashion made with the environment in mind. What does this really mean? From my point of view, can mean one of four things;

    - Fashion is created and produced through the use of organic materials

    - Fashion is produced and created by another form of recycling of surplus substances

    - Fashion is produced and created by the use of recycled materials originally not directly related to fashion

    - Fashion is created and produced, which gives directly the planet.

    These are my four categories, and I think you will agree that capture the essence of "eco fashion" fabulous. Taking the above points, many designers, brands and labels can develop products that appeal to the general public, but at present the population that actually includes products made under the title 'eco fashion' will remain niche. say, does not mean a problem because "eco fashion 'is new and has over 100 years or more modern design to compete with.

    The most urgent issue is to ask: "What will happen in the coming years," Some might say it already started, mix 'eco fashion' and mix with the regular mode? Has become clear that route 'eco fashion is not much more expensive, and creates great advantages compared to conventional methods of production? Currently, due to a lesser extent designers, brands and labels, the law of economies of scale dictate that everything is done on a small scale eventually become costly, but to integrate movement into "eco fashion 'and all processes are inherently eco-friendly there will be only one definition change in the principles of the foundation.

    Some may wonder why I write this as I am one of those small producers of "Eco" mode, which will suffer as a result. Some might say that customers who have visited Excentree its niche appeal, there will be no more need Excentree. Well, this is what is wrong, yes, there would be more niche, but it will be the customers who need us directly, will be leading department stores, clothing stores, etc. that would be borrowed from our experience and expertise.

    The proponents of so "eco" has prepared for this period of change and will be with us at the forefront of organic evolution. I for one will continue to fight for the mainstream "of eco fashion ', because it will benefit our people and our planet, and if I am not mistaken' eco fashion 'the point is beneficial for both the client and the planet not remain niche. Recently I have been impressed to read and hear so-called eco-gurus, eco-reporters, commentators and economic eco-critics use the term "eco gone very mainstream," what's the problem? Cooperation should be seen as positive. I do not care if one is a multi billion dollar U.S. corporation, decides to take economic or start up small beads, each bit. I sympathize with those who say "how can an oil company to be eco-friendly?" The issue is not their core business, but the fact that recognize its responsibilities and decide to act positively. No one can expect that companies stop working because their industry is seen as ecologically destructive, is a complete nonsense.

    Sometimes I fear that 'eco fashion' is just an idea for people to jump on the bandwagon and when they are bored, and many people have the same idea that will no longer fashionable. Eco fashion can be a cause for future, we must move forward together, not fight, or criticize the efforts of others just because they do not like people crowding our way. We need farsighted in our pursuit of success, as our chosen niche it is clear how we should not forget our values. Finally , urged those who believe or are concerned about the preservation of our planet to work with those who are new to an economic way of thinking or being. Do not forget the panoramic image, the landscape of our existence is the real way we need to protect.

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